My name is Kelsey Haddox. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and I am alternatively certified to teach. I am actively involved in my church, love spending time with family and friends, and enjoy sewing, painting, and watching movies. I entered the field of education because I believe in the positive effects of a great education. I love being able to teach students life skills that they will be able to use throughout their lifetime. Teaching as a profession not only involves teaching students but the students teaching the teachers.

I have a tremendous support group at Summit. Every teacher, staff member, and administrators are always encouraging, willing to listen and help, and are such a joy to be around. I love the environment because it exudes happiness. The teacher shower was such a surprise. I loved the idea (not only because I got gifts) but excited that I could be a part of it next year. It was such an encouragement to know we have a support of teachers who will have our backs and be willing to go above and beyond. I definitely think we should do it next year. I am looking forward to getting to know and work with the teachers, staff, and administrators more in order to have a great school year. I am also looking forward to going to as many sporting events as I can to cheer on our students! Go Eagles!