Edmodo connects teachers and students to extend the classroom through the use of technology.

Teachers are able to post assignments, videos, weblinks, quizzes and calendars.

Teachers and students can communicate online with reminders, questions, feedback, and discussions.

All of our Summit Students created a student account at the beginning of the year.  Their teachers provided codes for them to join their classes.

Students were directed to create their account using their school login which is 3 initials and 4 numbers  ABC1234.  Their password is suppose to be their student ID number.

Students are unable to reset their passwords without an email account.  If a student needs to reset their password they need to contact one of their teachers to reset it.


Edmodo Help Site

Parent codes can be retrieved from a student account.  Then parents may create an account online.  It is important to understand that Edmodo is a mode for teachers and students to connect regarding content.