The library hosts a variety of incentive programs, designed to promote reading and develop relationships.  Students are encouraged to get involved!



Lunch-n-Lit is a grade level book club. Students may sign up to read any book of their choice and come prepared to tell other students about what they read. On meeting days, participants bring their lunch to the library, discuss books, eat lunch and enjoy a treat!



Library Reading Challenge

Each month, students who read a book and complete a “Shelfie” book review form (available in the library) will be awarded a prize. For an invitation to a special field trip, students must participate at least 3 months in a semester AND create a book trailer. To learn more about creating book trailers, students may attend a Tech Tuesday Workshop offered the 4th Tuesday of the month in the library during all lunches.


Sequoyah Reading Challenge

The Sequoyah Award is Oklahoma’s kid’s choice book prize.  To be eligible to vote for their favorite selection, students must read 3 or more books off the Intermediate Sequoyah Master List.  To participate in Summit’s PEACE LOVE BOOKS Sequoyah Reading Challenge, and receive an invitation to the “READ or dye!” tie dye party in the spring, students:

  • Read 3 or more books off the Intermediate Sequoyah Master List by March 1st.
  • Complete a “Shelfie” book review form (available in the library) for each title read.
  • Vote for their favorite nominated book and attend the READ or dye! tie dye party.