February 9-11th and 16-17th, is Summit’s annual celebration of Double Wolf Dare Week. This is the annual charity drive for Santa Fe High School. The recipient this year is The Care Center, which supports abused and neglected children.  The Common Thread recipient from all three Edmond High Schools will be the Edmond Public Schools Foundation.  For more information visit:  http://www.dwdw.org/

Teachers will have various privileges available in their classrooms to thank students for their donations to this cause. Privileges might include a snack, drink, music pass, etc. Please send your student with small bills- teachers may not be able to make change.

T-shirt order forms will be sent home with students and it is attached to this letter.  Order forms with money will be due Monday, February 15th.  Shirts are $15 each and make checks payable to Summit Middle School.

In addition, we will have dress up days to help celebrate this important week. Santa Fe’s theme this year is “Strength of a Hero, Heart of a Lion”, so we have chosen our dress up days based on this theme. The dress-up themes are:

Tuesday, February 9 “FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING!” (Caesar/Toga, Ranch/Cowboy, Thousand Island/Hawaiian or Tacky Tourist, House/SF or Summit wear)
Wednesday, February 10  “SUPER HEROES vs VILLAINS!”
Thursday, February 11 “SPORTS ATTIRE & HAT DAY!” ($1 to wear hat)
Tuesday, February 16 “DECADE DAY!” Dress in 60’s, 70’s or 80’s attire
Wednesday, February 17 “Twin Day!”

Thank you for your support of this important tradition at Summit and Santa Fe.