Meet Mrs. Bennett

My name is Renee Bennett and I teach 8th grade Science at Summit. This is my 8th year of teaching and my sixth year at Summit.


How did you feel when you first heard that all 8th graders will be receiving Chromebooks?

I was extremely excited when I heard that 8th grade students would be receiving Chromebooks this year. I knew that this would be an amazing opportunity for students to access a whole new level of learning.


How do you plan on implementing them in the classroom?

Chromebooks will be used daily in my classroom. Students will have access to many virtual labs, as well as the ability to create digital graphs and lab reports for hands on labs that we complete.


Do you feel like the students are going to benefit by having this technology in class?

I definitely feel that the students will benefit greatly from this digital conversion. On top of being more entertaining and enjoyable, digital lessons are preparing our students for their future careers in our technology based world.