ALERT: Thursday, Oct. 29 will be a remote learning day for all students. “B” students do not need to report to school.

Gatlyn Anderson
Bill Arbuckle
Jennifer Begansky
Renee Bennett
Keith Breckenridge
Brianna Broersma
Amanda Burkhart
Laura Cantu
Dawn Cash
Milik Coffer
Marla Cowherd
Staci Curry
Tom Denker
Michelle Derrick
Daniel DeWindt
Victor Djonorh
Nicholas Dudley
Evan Durrill
Grace Ellis
Kayla Estell
Jonathan Frazier
Eric Gallegos
Courtney Galvin
Tessa Gipson
Robert Gregg
Shaemon Harris
Jackie Harrell
Stephanie Henson
Megan Hines
Levi Holliday
Beth Johnson
Josh Keegan
Kimberly Kerr
Geitzy Lee
Kelli MacGillivray
Emily Mantooth
Kayla Matlock
Tammy McManis
Leann Mendenhall
Rachelle Milam
Amy Miraku
Bashawn Moore
Kyle Morgan
Melia Mullins
Sarah Neely
Gloria Nethery
Cesar Pardo
Kim Phagan
Katherine Rahlfs
Jessica Ruckman
Cindy Rutledge
Maralee Shirley
Sophia Smart
Abby Stephenson
Mike Stolz
Katrina Thomas
Jasmine Toliver
Shelby Victor
Adena Warner
Leslie Weber
Kathy Williams
Seth Williams
Shastin Willman
Stephanie Wimer