Red Dirt Book Award

The Edmond Public Schools Red Dirt Book Award was established in 2018 to celebrate recent books that are loved by our students. The Edmond Middle School Media Directors select 14 – 16 titles from a variety of genres. These titles are then voted on by students who have read 3 or more of the titles before the voting end date. Voting ended April 9th and the winner is…

Lifeboat 12 book cover. Blue background of the ocean with a lifeboat on the water and a silhouette of a person standing on lifeboat.

Mrs. Williams will be promoting these books the next few times students come to the library. Please look at our Summit Red Dirt Virtual Display  It has links for each book and summarizes each of the books. 

Bitmoji scene of bookcase with book titles for the Red Dirt Book Award displayed on it.