our school


Welcome to Summit Middle School

Michael DeForest, Head Principal and 6th Grade Principal

Wendy Smelser, 7th Grade Principal

Wes Self, 8th Grade Principal

Mission: Inspiring young people to think, learn, and grow to be their best in life. With students, families, and teachers, we can all reach the top.
Mascot: Eagle
Colors: Royal Blue and White


Our School Name

Before “Edmond” became the name of the town, like many coaling and watering stops along the Santa Fe Railroad line, Edmond was first referred to as “Summit “ because of the slight rise in elevation of the land as engines approached. Before all the noise, commotion and instant population of the land run of April 22, 1889, Edmond was a quiet stop along the north and south Santa Fe Railroad line as it crossed through Indian Territory. Eventually, the town was designated “Edmond” for the Santa Fe Railway official Edmond Burdick.


In 1989 Summit Middle School opened, with Dr. Brenda Lyons as the principal. The school had a unique design which included a gym in the middle of the building, currently the cafeteria. The student population was around 600 and included 5th grade. Summit quickly rose to the top as an academic standard of excellence. In 1992-93 Summit was the first Edmond School to be awarded the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence. Many administrators have influenced the school culture and academia: Dr. Brenda Lyons, Dr. Roberta Gaston, Joanne McCarthy, Ed Story, Dr. Debbie Koehn, Scott Lane, Desarae Witmer, Shana Perry, Lisa Adams, Maryjel Cochrane, and currently leading the staff is Michael DeForest. As the Edmond area began to grow and attract families, the number of students attending Summit has been influenced over many years. The district finalized additions to the school in 2010 which included renovations to the office, additional classrooms, locker rooms, new student lockers, and athletic fields. The building received a fresh look during 2015-16 which included new floors and fresh paint. The school currently has a student population of about 900 students and around 80 staff members. Summit programs are diversified and provide students opportunities to be successful in academics, arts, athletics, and technology.